How to detect fake or real twitter account

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Although it seemed that this day would never come, the blue ‘tick’ that appeared in those most relevant Twitter accounts has ended up disappearing. This identifier from now on will be limited only to those people who subscribe to Twitter Blue in order to enjoy all its benefits. And the truth is that criticism of this decision has not taken long to surface, based mainly on the fact that now it will not be possible to distinguish the true accounts of public figures from those false ones.

And it is that the blue tick could be found in the most important characters and that they were the objective of being able to be supplanted in a simple way. Now, it will be difficult, for example, to know if a tweet has been written by Ibai Llano in his official account, or if, on the contrary, it is an account that has the same name and his profile picture. That is why now all users must keep in mind some basic rules to avoid falling into any trap.

There are some people who claim that everyone who pays for Twitter Blue is verified, both in terms of name and profile picture. Thus, it is theoretically impossible for an account that is ‘fake’ to be given the blue tick. But this is not the case, since we see many false accounts with the verified tick that mainly impersonate politicians, the case of Isabel Díaz Ayuso being the most notorious and that many people can be confused with the ‘fake’ account that is verified with your photo and name. Although these cases can be distinguished with extensions such as Eight Dollars to distinguish between payment accounts or verified by who they are. 

Tips to detect a ‘fake’ account

As we said, now it will be necessary to take into account different tips to avoid falling into the traps of scammers so that you believe that a tweet has been written by an influential company, with the main objective of generating a hoax or entering a link. The tips that we recommend you follow are the following:

  • Check the number of followers of the account : if you are an influential person, it is logical that you have several thousand people who follow you on your social networks. If it has a few dozen, it is logical that it is a fake account that is not really who it claims to be.
  • Be careful with the letters that are too similar : one of the most controversial points is precisely in the username of the account. Although in reality no two users can be the same, the truth is that it is easy to change an I to an l (i and ele) without anyone noticing because they are very similar. This means that you have to look closely at the user to know if it matches the one of the real account or not.
  • See when the Twitter account was created. And it is that the fake accounts are almost always recently created, and the social network allows you to know when it has been created, normally at the bottom of the biography and next to the location and the link that has been configured.
  • See the followers and followers : as is logical, those most important people (and in the case of the people who collaborate with the content creators) will follow each other, and this means that when reviewing the followers and followers you will find to other influential people.
  • Check the social network they link to on other platforms. This is something that can be applied to content creators who have a direct link to their Twitter or Instagram account on their streaming platforms, such as Twitch. This will be the surest way to know if an account is real or fake.

Following all these tips will end up reducing the possibility of falling into a fake account. And it is that these are now going to surface to make a person enter a false raffle that seeks to steal their data, or even invest in some cryptocurrency knowing that it is going to be a bottomless pit. For this reason, now on Twitter it will not be possible to trust verified or unverified accounts unless it is clearly demonstrated that they belong to the person they claim to be.

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