We will see AI-generated avatars on TikTok soon

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After the appearance of tools such as DALL-E, Stable Diffusion or Midjourney for the generation of images through artificial intelligence, many users use them to create impressive profile photos for their networks.

However, users also have the option of obtaining AI avatars in a much easier way thanks to tools like Lensa, since by simply uploading a few images of our face and body, we can achieve amazing profile images. Now TikTok seems to want to follow this path, and it is very possible that soon its users will also have the option of transforming their photos through the social network of the moment.

TikTok jumps on the fashion of AI-generated avatars

The information comes from the hands of Matt Navarra, a social media consultant and industry analyst, who was able to offer detailed images of what TikTok would offer soon. Through a thread on Twitter, he was able to explain how this new feature of the social network will work, sharing screenshots and videos of the interface.

According to Navarra, TikTok would establish a limit of one AI-generated photo per day. In order for users to receive these types of images, they must upload between 3 and 10 photos of their face and body to the service, thus being able to generate up to 30 images automatically.

The tool will allow the user to choose up to 5 different styles of avatars to generate the 30 photos. Once this process is finished, the application will spend a few minutes to have the images ready. After that, TikTok will allow us to download all the images. In addition, the social network will allow you to share the images in the stories or add them as a profile photo.

As stated by Navarra, TikTok will delete the images from its server after a “short period of time”. Any images uploaded will be subject to content moderation by TikTok and must adhere to community policies.

Navarra also comments on the possibility of a new subscription plan called ‘TikTok Plus’. Among the additional functions we would obtain the possibility of eliminating certain limits when generating images through AI. Everything indicates that the service would be similar to what is seen on Snapchat+.

It seems that big changes are coming to the social network, which in recent years has accumulated a large number of users thanks to its addictive format. Although the company has not yet officially confirmed anything, it is very possible that in the coming days we will know more details about it.

Via | The Verge

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