How to create your own free Funko Pop with AI

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  • Just upload your photo and Midjourney will create your personalized Funko Pop in seconds.
  • We explain step by step how to use AI to create your own Funko in an easy and fun way.

Artificial intelligence is a technology that offers multiple benefits and possibilities to users. Among the most innovative and fun applications of AI are those that allow you to generate impressive images from simple instructions.

An example of this type of tool is Midjourney, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that has become very popular for its ability to create high-quality images in just a few seconds. You can unleash your imagination and create all kinds of things, from landscapes to characters.

Also, did you know that you can create a Funko Pop that looks like you using this technology? Well yes, this is possible, and you can do it easily and simply. Here we show you how you can achieve it for free and with the help of artificial intelligence.

For those who don’t know, Funko Pop are collectible figures with a distinctive design and a large head, which is part of their main feature. 

Their unique and varied style has turned these objects into desirable figures for collectors. On the market, you find a wide range of Funko’s inspired by famous characters from series, movies, comics, singers, athletes and other aspects of pop culture. 

So you can create your own personalized Funko Pop with Midjourney

First of all, to start, it is important to mention that you will need to have two images: one of your face and another of a Funko Pop. You can find many options on specialized websites or a Google search will suffice. 

The Funko Pop image must have a white background and be free of elements or other objects that may interfere. As for your personal image, make sure it also has a white background and that your face is clearly visible. 

With these points cleared up, now it’s time to create your own custom AI-powered Funko Pop. You just have to follow these brief instructions: 

Funko pop using midjourney AI
  • Now, prepare your personal photo and that of the Funko Pop.
  • Upload both images to one of the Newbiee channels, starting with the Funko Pop one and then yours. 
  • Copy the URLs of the images by right-clicking on them and selecting the copy link or copy image address option.
Funko pop using midjourney AI
  • On the Newbiee channel, type the command /image in the text bar, followed by the funko’s URL and then your own. Next, add the following text “turn the second url into a funko pop like the first url, take the face from the second url, take the style of the first, take the face, sunglasses and hair from the second url”.
  • Press Enter and wait for Midjourney’s AI to work its magic. In a few moments, you will see the result of your personalized Funko Pop. 
  • It should be noted that to carry out this process it is necessary to have a Midjourney subscription plan, otherwise, the tool will give you an error when entering the prompt

For the best result, it is recommended to choose a good quality Funko Pop photo that has a style similar to your personality, with the same skin color or the shape of your hair. Likewise, your photo should have good contrast and be well lit.

Creating your own personalized Funko Pop has never been so simple and fun thanks to artificial intelligence. With Midjourney, you can enhance your creativity and have a unique collectible figure that reflects your style and can even be used as a profile photo on your social networks. 

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