What can I do with CCleaner if I don’t pay?

Many users around the world post their complaints about the performance of Windows and its applications over time. Added to all this is the high consumption of PC resources, and the space it occupies on the disk. To solve some of these problems we can use specific programs, as is the case with CCleaner.

The first thing we must take into consideration is that there are many software solutions that have been in charge of these tasks for years. At least that is what they try to promote on their corresponding web pages, since the effectiveness of some of them is quite questionable. One of the most popular programs for cleaning and optimization of the Microsoft system is CCleaner. This is a solution that has been around for a good amount of time and that at the time earned the trust of many users.

However, over the years this is a software solution that has been involved in different controversies related to privacy. That is why some have come to distrust everything that this program offers us to maintain our Windows system. With everything and with it, the developer firm of the application as such, Avast, has tried to solve these privacy problems. A new version of the application has recently been released so that we can download it from the official Windows store.

Initially, this is something that we can carry out completely free of charge to carry out cleaning and system maintenance tasks with CCleaner app. But stating that it is a free program is something that should be clarified, as we will do next.

The free version of CCleaner app is very limited

CCleaner limited edition
Ccleaner app limited edition

It is true that when we download this program, either from its official website or from the Microsoft store, it is presented as free. In spite of all this, we must bear in mind that this free version is quite limited. Actually, what we are going to be able to do here with this free mode is a fairly basic cleaning task. If we don’t pay, CCleaner will allow us to delete temporary files from our computer, but in this way free up part of its space, not much more.

In this way it is not difficult to imagine that to get more out of this software solution, we will have to pay almost 25 euros corresponding to its license. Only then will we be able to access all the functions that CCleaner offers us. In the event that we pay for the aforementioned program license, we may use the functions of tracker removal, advanced content cleaning, system boot enhancement, or automated cleaning.

For all the reasons mentioned, it could be said that the free version of CCleaner could be considered as a program that is too limited for this type of task. Therefore, in the event that we want to use some other software solution for cleaning Windows, we have many other very interesting free solutions at our fingertips. This is the case with programs as popular as BleachBit or Glary Utilities, for example.

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