Google shutting down Play Music, the end of the service gives way to YouTube Music

It’s official: Google is shutting down its first music streaming service to make way for a single platform, YouTube Music. This is how Play Music warns you when trying to enter the service: with a ‘Google Play Music is being shutting down and no longer available’ the only alternative that remains is to move all the content to YouTube Music.

Being a technology and software giant involves dividing the work of teams into a variety of services and applications, a strategy that Google often takes to the extreme. And not only when starting a new project, but also when it’s time to close it: Google’s cemetery is full of victims with more or less luck during their lifetime, victims who already greet a new closed service: Google Play Music.

Play Music begins blocking users

That the music platform is no longer available is not something that catches us by surprise since we knew that sooner or later it was going to happen, Google itself warned. Although of course, there will always be those who resist taking the step to YouTube Music and squeeze Play Music until they are prevented from accessing it. It’s already starting to happen.

Google shutting down Play Music
Google Play Music switch to YouTube Music

As they discovered in Android Police, the Google Play Music application begins to show the notice of ‘not available’ when trying to access the account, it also happens on the web page. As we have personally verified, this lack of availability does not affect all accounts in the same way since we have been able to use Play Music almost normally in some of them. This shows the gradual closure of the service: Google has pressed the shutdown button and it will progressively reach everyone, just as it happens when it launches a change that is activated from the company’s servers.

If you have a subscription to Google Play Music, or you have music uploaded to the platform, you have to move it to YouTube Music if you want to continue listening to it. You can also download all your Play Music data, including the music you uploaded, using Google Takeout.

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