Google messages will allow you to send videos via SMS using the Photos cloud

There are specialized services on the market for exchanging large files between two or more users. We are not referring specifically to P2P services, which also serve the same purpose, but to services that have cloud storage and allow us to upload something there and then share the link, either for consultation or for download.Today we are talking about Google messages.

Google seems to want to do something similar when it comes to sending videos to other users using SMS. Until now, the only viable way to do it was to use MMS (without looking for other more current technology) but now Google wants us to be able to share a video by SMS with anyone. And for this, Google Messages will use Google Photos as the upload platform.

Upload photos, send the link, all automatically

The information lands directly from one website. The well-known website dedicated, among other things, to the Android ecosystem has dissected version 10.4 of Google Messages, which is currently available only in the beta channel of the application. And that is where they have hunted a new functionality included in its settings.

Google messages setting
Google message setting

In this version 10.4 of Google Messages you can see an option “Google Photos” in the settings that is described as “Share videos with higher quality by text (SMS / MMS)”. It is, therefore, that Google wants to use Google Photos to store videos to send to our contacts via SMS or MMS in the event that the recipient, or even ourselves, does not have RCS messaging activated.

For practical purposes, it would be a solution similar to using Google Drive to share a large file, but it seems that Google wants to redirect all video content to its Google Photos platform, without going through YouTube either. We would talk in any case that the video would be uploaded to Photos and the link would be sent by text message, although it is not clear if the video would be stored temporarily or would be available forever through said link.

Everything indicates that this inclusion of sending videos through Google Messages and using Photos would be accompanied by the possibility of viewing the video from the application itself.

As if, for all intents and purposes, the video had been sent using an RCS message. It is even possible that the video is previewed in the chat between both contacts so that the use of Google Photos is completely transparent.

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