Uncharted and other Sony movies sign exclusive deal with Netflix

Netflix and Sony Pictures Entertainment have signed a multi-year agreement whereby the production company’s films will be broadcast for the first time, after their passage through theaters, on the platform responsible for The Witcher series. The contract is limited to the United States, and will include among its first affected the adaptation of Uncharted, starring Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake.

Venom and Spider-Man sequels will also air on Netflix from 2022

With this agreement, Netflix will host in North American territory all the feature films produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment from 2022, from the aforementioned Uncharted to others that may arrive from PlayStation Productions. Recall that this brand launched by the Japanese company is currently working on three films based on characters from PlayStation Studios, as well as other series that are not included in this firm and that will continue to be sold separately.

Those who are within this contract are the Marvel characters. Netflix will feature Morbius, Spider-Man: A New Universe 2 as well as future sequels to Venom and Spider-Man, except for those scheduled for 2021. In addition, Netflix and Sony have agreed to develop several exclusive brand new films, bypassing the big screen, on the streaming platform. Lastly, licensing fees are also mentioned among the company’s vast library of titles.

Netflix and Sony Pictures Entertainment

With this movement, the best bet for a strategy different from that of other large film studios in the United States, focused on capitalizing on their developments with their own streaming platforms. In this sense, Walt Disney Studios and 20th Century Studios have Disney + and Hulu, Warner Bros. Pictures with HBO Max, Universal Studios with Peacock and, more recently, Paramount with Paramount +. At the moment it is unknown if Sony Pictures will repeat this strategy in Spain and Latin America.

PlayStation adaptations to film and television

As we have mentioned before, Sony has found in PlayStation a brand to which it can also make a profit in film and television. We will see him on February 11, 2022 with the premiere of Uncharted: The Movie, bringing Nathan Drake to the big screen. On television, on the other hand, the beginning of the filming of The Last of Us for HBO is expected this summer, with Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in their main roles.

Sony Pictures is also responsible for the multi-market distribution of the latest Monster Hunter and Resident Evil adaptations. The latter is called Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City and will be released in November.

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