Google Ads AI integration improves advertising efficiency

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In today’s digital age, online advertising is becoming increasingly complex and competitive. With the intention of simplifying and improving the ad creation process, Google is incorporating innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques into its Google Ads platform. This strategy marks a milestone in the transformation of the advertising industry, and promises to improve ad effectiveness and return on investment.

AI takes command in campaign creation

Google Ads uses AI to improve the performance of advertising campaigns. Google is implementing an innovative conversational experience within Google Ads. Through this, advertisers can provide a landing page (the page users land on after clicking the ad), and Google’s AI will automatically generate keywords, titles, descriptions, and other essentials for the campaign..

How does the conversational experience work?

The process is simple. By entering a preferred landing page, Google’s AI will summarize the page and generate relevant elements for the ad campaign. The AI ​​works like a virtual colleague, suggesting ideas to optimize the advertising campaign. This method is intended to make the ad creation process more accessible and efficient.

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AI-powered automatic asset creation

One of the most notable advances is the improvement of the Automatic Asset Creation (ACA) system for search ads. With this enhancement, Google makes use of generative AI that uses existing landing page content and ads to create new headlines and descriptions. This AI adapts the ads to the users’ search terms, increasing the relevance of the ads and allowing them to more accurately reflect the identity of the brand.

Performance Max: higher performance with the help of AI

Google’s Performance Max product is a great example of how AI-powered campaigns can drive business growth. According to Google, advertisers using Performance Max are able to get an average of more than 18% additional conversions at a similar cost per action.

How does AI contribute to Performance Max?

The generative AI in Performance Max makes it easy to create and extend custom assets. By providing the company’s website, Google’s AI will begin to learn about the brand and fill the campaign with relevant text and images. Google will even suggest new images generated especially for the campaign, helping businesses stand out from their competitors.

New ad experiences with AI

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During the Google I/O event, the company announced new generative AI capabilities coming to Google Search. These experiences will make search smarter and easier, and will allow search and shopping ads to be integrated directly into the AI, adapting to each step of the user’s search journey.

An AI-powered, privacy-focused future

Google is committed to building products that are private first and powered by AI. With the end of third-party cookies in Chrome next year, Google’s ad teams are testing new privacy-preserving signals from the Privacy Sandbox to help advertisers continue to reach relevant customers and measure results.

Ultimately, Google aims to build a future where user trust and advertising effectiveness go hand in hand. This future is not only marked by technological evolution, but also by a commitment to transparency and privacy, two fundamental aspects in today’s digital world.

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