Google Launches ChatGPT-type AI Chatbot for Testing

Google is finalizing the integration of artificial intelligence in its search engine. It offers a kind of test. Google accelerates to try to offer a service similar to Bing with ChatGPT. Yesterday it released its generative AI integrated into the Google search engine, although in closed experiment mode.

In the field of Generative Artificial Intelligence, Google has always been behind Microsoft. The launch of Google Bard wasn’t as professional as expected, and right now, it still doesn’t have a direct response to Bing with ChatGPT.

Through Search Labs, starting today it is possible to test the integration of generative AI in the Google search engine. Search Labs is a test lab for artificial intelligence. Anyone can sign up through this website. But at the moment it is only possible from the United States.

What can AI do in the Google search engine?

The new functions can be tested both from the mobile app, and from Chrome on the PC browser, or wherever you want. Google explains in its blog three different things that can be tested.

The first advantage of using an AI is that it allows you to reduce the number of searches on a task. You no longer have to divide them into parts.

For example, if you search for “Learn Ukulele vs Guitar,” it will help you understand what factors to consider. If you ask “Advantages of incorporating your company before working as a freelancer”, you will get general information and then go deeper with links to articles.

AI is also very good at providing quick answers to very specific problems . For example, it will accurately answer questions such as “How to remove an old coffee stain from a wool sweater?”, or “How can I renew my passport quickly?”, without you having to search for the information inside pages, in a list of results.

Finally, Google also explains that its AI is very good at narrowing product searches. If you search for “adhesive kitchen wallpaper,” you’ll learn important factors like how easy it is to remove, and you’ll get a list of options with prices, customer reviews, and links to buy.

Google AI search
Google AI search

If you try “Bluetooth speaker for a pool party” it will locate devices with water resistance and good battery life.

All answers have an option to “ask a follow-up question”, which will activate a chat mode to clarify doubts or ask related questions.

It seems like a step in the right direction, but Google does not indicate when this generative artificial intelligence integrated into the Google search engine will be available to everyone. And meanwhile, Microsoft has announced the integration of GPT in Windows 11, Bing in ChatGPT, and the use of.

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