GhostWire Tokyo for PS5 details next-gen features: dynamic 4K with ray tracing, haptics, 3D audio

GhostWire Tokyo is one of the games that the PlayStation 5 catalog has prepared for usfor 2021. A game that, as with Deathloop, is a PS5 exclusive developed by an Xbox studio, as it is subject to prior agreements with exclusivity with Sony. And, with the supernatural adventure of Tango Gameworks on its way to the console, PlayStation recently updated the GhostWire Tokyo store page with the next-gen features that will be available in the game.

As PlayStation Store points out, the new thing from Shinji Mikami’s studio for PS5 will work in dynamic 4K with ray tracing and HDR: “The power and speed of the PlayStation 5 console allows you to explore Tango Gameworks’ particular vision of a distorted Tokyo by a supernatural presence, “says the company. Not everything will be graphics, and Sony’s new machine will also offer “virtually instantaneous load times “as we explore the streets of Tokyo, “thanks to the console’s ultra-speed SSD.”

Beyond these technical issues, GhostWire Tokyo will feature 3D Tempest audio technology for you to enter its world: “A sinister giggle behind you. The distant barking of a dog. The 3D audio of the PS5 console immerses you in the spooky streets of a unique vision of Tokyo”. And, of course, the game will make use of adaptive triggers and haptic feedback so that you feel “the power of paranormal abilities” and the firing of in-game weapons.

Ghostwire tokyo
GhostWire Tokyo

GhostWire Tokyo still does not have a release date, beyond arriving sometime in 2021, and its launch points to October. A supernatural action adventure from Shinji Mikami’s studio, which was originally led by Ikumi Nakamura, although the creative has left to found her own studio. With the Los Angeles fair around the corner, and the possibility of seeing this game again, we invite you to consult this report where we review everything about E3 2021: dates, conferences and expected games.

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