Freepik library now comes with high quality videos

The world’s most popular graphic resource platform, Freepik, has just announced a major update to its service, adding a new high-quality video section for all its users. This new video vertical on Freepik is a response to the growing demand for audiovisual content and a way to expand its portfolio, and give its users a more creative way to tell their stories.

Expanding the portfolio

With the new addition, Freepik seeks to meet the needs of its users and offer a complete solution for their content and design projects. The platform already has more than 45 million resources available, including images, icons, presentation templates, among others, and now, users can access a wide variety of high-quality videos.

According to Martin LeBlanc, Chief Product Officer at Freepik Company:

[…] we understand the importance of audiovisual content in the current digital context, as well as the changing needs of our users. For this reason, video is an important commitment for us, since we want to offer our users a portfolio of products that suits their needs. Our objective is to offer our different types of clients, who have different needs and backgrounds, graphic content and now also high-quality audiovisuals that allow them to take their visual storytelling to another level.

Free access for a limited time

The new video section on Freepik will be available to all users of the platform at no additional cost and for a limited time, allowing them to explore and experiment with high-quality audiovisual content in their projects.

Premium users will have access to a more extensive and exclusive catalog, allowing them to find the right videos for their most specific projects.

A response to the lawsuit

The inclusion of the video section on Freepik is a response to the growing demand for online audiovisual content. The creation of videos and multimedia content is an important part of the marketing strategy of many companies and brands, and the integration of this new vertical will help Freepik users to improve their content strategies and create more attractive and effective projects.

For Tom Limb, Head of Video at Freepik Company, the inclusion of this vertical represents a qualitative leap for Freepik users, who will now have quality video resources with which to cover their audiovisual needs, expanding their creative capacity.

Leader in graphic resources

Freepik Company, the parent company of Freepik, is a leading Spanish technology company in Europe, specialized in the production and distribution of graphic and audiovisual resources. With more than 550 employees, more than 600 dedicated remote designers and more than 23,000 registered collaborators, Freepik Company has been recognized as one of the “1,000 fastest growing European companies” according to the Financial Times for four consecutive years and has just been recognized as one of the top 50 software vendors according to G2Company.

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