Baidu uses AI chatbot Ernie Bot to handle sensitive topics

Chinese company Baidu is about to launch its AI-powered chatbot, Ernie Bot, and is confident it won’t make mistakes on sensitive topics, according to CEO Robin Li. Baidu relies on its experience in adapting its search engine to Chinese regulatory requirements to ensure the chatbot meets expectations on “important and sensitive topics.” Although industry regulation is not finalized yet, Baidu continues to update its strategy as it evolves.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the way we interact with technology. Baidu, one of the leading technology companies in China, is preparing to launch its own AI-powered chatbot, called Ernie Bot. This chatbot, similar to the well-known OpenAI ChatGPT, has aroused the interest of many due to its ability to maintain fluid conversations and answer questions in real time. However, a recurring concern in the development of these chatbots is their ability to address sensitive topics without making mistakes or generating inappropriate responses.

Baidu’s confidence in adapting its search engine

Baidu has gained extensive experience in adapting its search engine to China’s regulatory requirements for more than 20 years. This experience has led the company to be confident in its ability to implement similar measures in the development of Ernie Bot. According to Baidu CEO Robin Li, this experience in cultural and regulatory adaptation will ensure that the chatbot provides appropriate content on important and sensitive topics.

The challenge of avoiding “hallucinations” in artificial intelligence

One of the key challenges in developing AI chatbots like Ernie Bot is avoiding what is known as “hallucination” in response generation. Since the AI ​​models used in these chatbots are probabilistic, there is a chance that they will generate different output than expected, which could lead to incorrect or inappropriate responses. Robin Li acknowledges this challenge and stresses the importance of ensuring that AI doesn’t “freak out” when addressing sensitive topics.

AI regulation in China and its impact on Baidu

AI regulation is a crucial issue in China. The country’s cyberspace regulator has introduced preliminary measures to manage services powered by generative AI, such as Ernie Bot. These measures emphasize that the content generated by these chatbots must be in line with the fundamental socialist values ​​of the country. For Baidu, these regulations represent an advantage, as they raise the barrier to entry for competitors and position the company favorably. Baidu’s CEO believes that active engagement by regulators in the early stage of generative AI will raise industry standards and allow the company to stand out.

The development of AI chatbots like Ernie Bot raises deeper questions about the interaction between technology and society. While the ability of chatbots to answer questions and keep conversations flowing is impressive, you also need to consider the ethical implications and corporate responsibility in handling sensitive topics. Baidu, by relying on its experience and close collaboration with regulators, hopes to ensure that its chatbot meets the requirements and expectations of society.

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