Epic Games gives a free game every day from today and for 15 days

Epic games is giving away free games to it’s users that should be claimed before keeping it forever. Christmas is here and with it one of the most interesting Epic Games promotions of the year. The popular video game platform is going to give away from today, December 17, and for the next 15 days, a video game for PC. Every day, yes, a free game every day.

Like all the promotions that Epic Games has us used to, those users who claim the game will keep it forever. This will be automatically added to the account and will belong to us even if it is paid once the term expires. The promotion starts now with ‘ Cities: Skylines ‘. When claiming it, we are also given a discount voucher of 10 euros.

One free epic game a day for half a month

Free epic games

Anyone who is an Epic Games user surely knows that the platform gives away one or two games every week. These can be claimed for seven days, after which period they are paid again and are replaced by others. The promotion that concerns us today is similar, only that the games instead of being available for a week are available for 24 hours.

You have to visit the Epic Games Store every day from 5:00 p.m. to find out which game they are giving away

The Epic Games Christmas campaign has started today at 5:00 p.m., as usual. All free game promos begin Thursdays at 5:00 PM PST. On this occasion, you will visit the store every day from that time to find out what the game is and claim it.

And we say “know what the game is” because it will be a surprise. Epic Games has not revealed which games will be given away , so the only way to find out is to visit the store every day. There is an alleged leaked list that has been around the network for days, but at the moment it does not seem that its predictions are coming true.

It is not the first time that Epic Games opens the ban and allows you to download free games . Tim Sweeney’s platform has already given us titles such as ‘ GTA V ‘, ‘ Civilization VI ‘ and ‘ A Total War Saga: Troy ‘, to which we must add the games it releases every week.

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