HarmonyOS is unofficially compatible with Google services, according to a beta tester

HarmonyOS, Huawei’s plan B that looks a lot like Android, is on its way. After making the jump to mobile at the end of last year, its deployment in China in the form of a beta has allowed more people to have been able to test it on their mobiles. One of them reports a surprise: it is compatible with Google services.

Weibo user Xiao1u shared the information, stating that the update from EMUI to HarmonyOS did not affect Google Services, so that both Google Play and the COVID-19 contact tracing API and other Google services continued to work. no problem after upgrading to HarmonyOS.

Google services on HarmonyOS

Neither the latest versions of EMUI nor HarmonyOS have Google services included, although from time to time new systems appear to do so. As a HarmonyOS beta-tester has discovered, it is technically possible to have Google services on HarmonyOS.

The user has not shared more details about how he has carried out the installation of Google services or if they were already installed in EMUI before updating, but apparently they are fully compatible with HarmonyOS, with functional Google Play and the possibility of adding accounts. of Google.

HarmonyOS with Google services

Obviously, HarmonyOS should not bring Google services pre-installed, since the lack of them is precisely the reason for the creation of this operating system, although it is curious that, in theory, it is still possible to use them even if it is unofficial.

This is a new argument in the already perennial debate of whether HarmonyOS is really Android AOSP with a mask or if, as Huawei argues, it is a “completely new operating system”. At the moment, we remain in doubt because its international expansion is still pending a definitive date and the news that comes from China is scarce: Huawei does not allow beta testers to take screenshots.

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