Forspoken suddenly appear in the Microsoft Store

At the last Square Enix Spring 2021 event, the Japanese video game developer announced its new title called Forspoken, which will take PC and PS5 players through a new open-world adventure that will be both beautiful and cruel as they travel the extensive kingdoms of Athia.

In the case of Microsoft console gamers, Forspoken would arrive on Xbox Series X | S in the year 2024. But while we wait, Forspoken has appeared on the Microsoft Store.

Forspoken was expected to arrive on Steam and the Epic Games Store, but now we have learned that PC players will also be able to buy and download Forspoken from the Microsoft Store, where new information has been revealed such as that Forspoken will have achievements and saved in the cloud of Xbox.

Although, the same technique that Microsoft used with the temporary exclusivity of Rise of the Tomb Raider, has now been used by Sony with Forspoken, a title that will end up coming to Xbox in the future.

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