Follow these steps to verify your Twitter account in 2021 with blue badge

Again one can verify their twitter account with blue badge. Twitter will re-verify accounts starting in 2021, but has specified the categories of accounts that it will grant verification to. And not only that, but the requirements that each account must meet.

Twitter is on pause, as regards the verification of profiles on its social network, but it will wake up in early 2021. The exact date is not known, but Twitter has announced that it plans to start verifying accounts again in 2021.

In an announcement on their help sheet on Twitter, they have released the requirements that we must meet if we belong to some of the 6 categories that can only carry the official blue verification.

The 6 categories in which Twitter separates the different accounts and each one has different requirements to verify account :

Who belongs to that categoryRequirements for verification
governmentBelong to a public body, official, head of state, ministers, ambassadors, etc.To get the badge, that position must be demonstrated through an official publication, references in the media, official websites, among others.
Companies, brands and organizationsFeatured organizations, official company accounts, official secondary accounts, being an official NGO, and so on. To receive the verification, the presence in public indexes, databases, the media and that the number of followers is 1% larger than in other similar accounts in the same country must be demonstrated with several tests.
NewsMedia and this category also includes journalists from those reference mediaAny media and journalist including freelance journalists, as long as they provide work done in companies of a certain informative caliber.
EntertainmentProduction companies, film studios, streaming companies, television networks, movie accounts, events, record companies, actors, singers, presenters, etc. To be verified accounts they must have some connection with an official organization, website, public source or something similar.
sportsAccounts and individuals of sports teams, players, athletes, coaches.Appear as part of the team and on official websites.
Activists, organizers and other influencersAll those people who use Twitter independently to generate content helping certain causes, supporting associations, creating awareness, etc.To be verified, they must not have content with insults, or lack of respect, or show intolerances towards certain groups, that is, comply with the rules of Twitter.

In short, Twitter has made its conditions very clear if we want to obtain verification in our account from 2021. You just have to use a little common sense.

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Apart from all this history, Twitter will continue to launch news such as the Fleets that are the Twitter Stories, the programming of tweets without using third-party tools or the audios on Twitter, which today have disappeared. Twitter will always do anything but let us edit.

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