Twitter appoints ex-Google CFO as new board chairman

San Francisco : Twitter has appointed ex-Google chief money dealer (CFO) Apostle Pichette because the company’s new chairman of the board.

Pichette who joined Twitter’s board of administrators in 2017, earlier antecedently served as Google’s business executive from 2008 until 2015.

“Given the strength and depth of Twitter’s management team and Board, we have a tendency to believe that now’s the correct time to evolve our governance structure in-line with best practices,” Pichette same in a very filing to the America Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Tues.

Pichette can take over from Omid Kordestani who will stay on Twitter’s board as Twitter new chairman.
“Omid has been a valued member of our govt management and brought vital leadership and stability to the team over the past 5 years. we have a tendency to are happy to demonstrate our commitment to smart governance and be within the position to form this vital amendment,” Pichette adscititious.
Kordestani can receive compensation in accordance with the programmes applicable to non-employee administrators as represented in Twitter’s definitive proxy statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on April fifteen.
“I have seen primary the many changes Twitter has undertaken to strengthen and stabilize its leadership structure to attain long property growth and feel assured that I will currently step back from my active role as govt chair,” same Kordestani.

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