Windows 10 Hidden Modes you may not know about

There are some Windows 10 hidden modes that are not used regularly and that often go unnoticed, although that does not mean that they are not there or that they are not necessary at a certain time. That is why today we are going to meet some that perhaps you still do not know.

There are quite a few modes within Windows 10 that are not used normally, some of which are not used at any time. That is why it is very likely that several of them do not know them.

The truth is that if these modes exist and are there, it is for something and that is why we also want you to know why the Windows developers have created and placed them in their version 10.

Windows 10 modes that may not sound familiar to you:

God mode

This mode can be used to enter a lot of functions and features of Windows 10. What will surprise you is how easy it is to activate it, since we only have to perform a few simple steps:

Windows 10 hidden modes, god mode
Windows 10 God Mode
  • We go to any path on our computer, right click and select New and then click on Folder.
  • Now we modify the name of this folder by the following: GodMode. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
  • As soon as we create it, we will see how the icon changes and if we enter we will find a lot of options. Just all that this Mode offers us.

The options are classified by Groups and within each group there are different functions or options:

God Mode configuration options
Color managementcalibrate screen color
Credential managertools to manage Windows credentials
Taskbars and navigationoptions to customize the Windows Taskbar
Work foldersmanage folders
Accessibility centeraccessibility options.
Windows Mobility Centermobility options for laptops
Center network and sharingmanages network connections of all kinds
Sync centermanage files
RemoteApp and Desktop connectionremote desktops.
Tablet PC Settings:manage tablet mode when present
Backup and Restore (Windows 7)manage backups
User accountcreation of user accounts
Devices and printersoptions related to different devices, Bluetooth, printers and cameras
Storage spacesstorage spaces (hard drives)
Date and Timeset date and time
Windows Defender Firewallmanage and modify Windows firewall
Sourceseverything related to Windows typography
Management toolsteam management
File historyWindows file history.
Mousemodify mouse options
Energy optionsoptions to manage energy use
Indexing optionseverything related to Windows 10 search
Internet Optionsinternet related options
File Explorer Optionsfile manager customization
Programs and characteristicstools to uninstall and install programs
Speech recognitionWindows speech recognition
Regionour location and options related to this topic
Autoplayauto play operation
Security and maintenanceoperating system maintenance and security options
Systemvarious items to manage Windows system
Problem solvingManaging Windows 10 Troubleshooting Ways
Soundsound volume and system sounds change
Keyboardchange keyboard operation

Battery saving mode

It is a mode oriented towards laptops, since what is achieved is to save as much battery as possible when we see that we already have little power and we have nowhere to charge the computer. 

With this mode two things are achieved mainly; The brightness is reduced and the background synchronization of applications that could be executed or send us notifications is not allowed, which could cause more loss of charge.

For this mode to be operational, do the following:

Windows 10 battery Configuration
Battery Configuration
  • We go to Windows Configuration, that is, we press the Windows + I keys at the same time.
  • Now we enter the System of the menu that has come out.
  • We enter Battery and then we must look for Battery saving.
  • It only remains that we activate it.

In any case, you will see certain options that seem interesting to us, such as making this mode enter automatically when the battery has a certain percentage, something that you will be able to manage yourself.

Another option is to reduce the brightness when this mode is active, something that is highly recommended, since this parameter of the screen consumes a lot of battery.

Concentration mode

If we need to be totally focused on a task within the computer and we don’t want any kind of distraction, from Windows they give us Concentration Mode.

Thanks to this mode, we will be able to carry out the task we want without having any interruption from the system, since we will be the ones who mark what are the priorities of the behavior of the computer during the time we use it.

Focus Assist windows 10
Focus Assist

To enter, all we have to do are a few simple steps:

  • We enter Configuration again ( Windows + I ).
  • Now click on System.
  • And we will see how the focus assist appears on the right, where we must click.

Once inside, we will have several options at our disposal, such as configuring the assistant’s behavior, offering us three options:

  • Disabled : as its name indicates, this means that if this is the tab that we have marked, the Windows assistant will not work and all the behavior of the system will be normal.
  • Only priority : if we choose this option, the system will only show those notifications that we are going to choose as priority, that is, those that are truly important and we cannot miss. The rest will appear in the activity center to read them when we are no longer in this mode.
  • Only alarms : in this case we will not receive any type of notification during the period of use of the concentration mode. The only thing that we will be able to see are the alarms that are preconfigured.

We can also configure the so-called Automatic Rules, which are moments of certain days or certain situations, in which we do not want to be disturbed and that we are going to define ourselves thanks to the parameters offered by this option:

  • During these hours : here we will define the hours and days when we do not want interruptions.
  • When I duplicate my screen : if this tab is active, the moment we duplicate the screen we will stop receiving notifications.
  • When I play : by activating this option, while we play we will not receive any notification either.
  • When I use an application in full screen mode : if the tool we are using is full screen, the notifications will be disabled.

Dark mode

With this mode what you are going to achieve is that blacks are the predominant colors in the operating system

This mode has several faculties that can be good for both the computer and for us, since it is able to take care of the eyes in a better way by not having powerful colors. 

Energy consumption will also be reduced by not needing as much power on the screen, which is recommended for laptops.

If you want to have this type of mode, you only have to do the following:

Windows 10 dark mode
Dark Mode
  • Right- click on the desktop, in an area where there is no direct access or no card.
  • In the window that opens we are going to click on Customize.
  • In the options that appear on the left side we must enter Colors.
  • Now we will see two options that will interest us, one where it says Choose the default Windows mode and another that says Choose the default application mode.
  • If we press the first one, we will get Windows to convert to dark mode, that is, in the single menu and the task bar will predominate in black.
  • In the second option we tell the system that whenever we can run the application in this same Dark Mode.

All the modes that we have shown you are really useful at certain times. Could it be that some of you did not know him or did not remember him? 

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