Facebook dating app; Check your eligibility & How to setup profile

In this section we are discussing about eligibility and how to setup Facebook dating profile. Facebook dating service new dating app within Facebook. Facebook’s Tinder rival arrives in different 30 European countries. Facebook dating is a dating service integrated into the Facebook mobile application that will allow us to contact and meet other people in our area. We have tested it to find out what it offers and despite the fact that the final objective is equivalent to that of Tinder, the operation is quite different.

Facebook dating is less frivolous than Tinder. The service further enhances the conversation between users and not so much sporadic one-night stands. Being protected by DRM, it is impossible to record the screen or take screenshots, but here we explain how it works.

How to setup Facebook Dating

Activating and setup Facebook dating is as simple as having the latest update of the Facebook application, whether for Android or iOS. Within the options menu we will find Couples, with their corresponding heart logo and next to the events, games and jobs.

The first time we press, it will take us to the application settings, where we must enter our data. Initially it will repeat our name, age, work and preferences that we have in the Facebook profile, although it can be edited so that the information that is displayed is different.

We will have to answer a series of questions such as what languages ​​we speak or what we are looking for . There is also the question of what gender we identify with, with several answers. Of most questions, we can also click the skip option so that this information does not appear or be taken into account.

In our profile will appear, if we wish, information about whether we have children, whether we smoke, drink, how tall we are or our religion, in addition to the classic description. Facebook Couples allows you to add a gallery of images , so that other people have various perspectives on us as well as answer classic questions about our tastes.

Who can find us

One of the aspects where Facebook puts more emphasis is privacy. Mark Zuckerberg’s company is aware of the low trust that users have and the privacy policy appears repeatedly .

By using this service we accept that the rest of the users of Couples can see our created profile, which does not have to be the same as Facebook. If we go directly to the privacy section, it is explained that ” anyone who joins Couples will be able to see your Couples profile, except if it is part of your Facebook friends list or is blocked”. In the event that we finally add someone to our usual Facebook account, this person will no longer be able to see your Couples profile.

The platform allows you to block people directly and the option to suggest friends of friends is also incorporated . Here is our choice if we are willing to talk or connect with that circle.

At the moment, when using Facebook Couples in our area, the message that it is not yet available in our area has appeared. It is expected to be activated in the next few days as Facebook has announced its arrival in Europe.

If you want to flirt, you’ll have to talk

setup Facebook dating app
Facebook dating

The operation of Facebook Couples is very different from that of Tinder. Here you can’t match everyone, like a submachine gun. In fact, there is not even the option. To indicate that we like someone we must send a message, which will appear next to our photo to the person .

Without matches, flirting on Facebook Couples is closer but also requires more work , so it could lose that attractive spontaneity of Tinder. Among the options offered by Couples is to re-consult profiles that we had previously hidden (“second chance”) and to establish in the settings which is our ideal candidate.

The information can also be connected to our Instagram profile , so that these publications also appear on the Couples profile.

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