Elon Musk: Tesla’s autonomous Full Self-Driving car is ready for purchasing

Elon Musk has confirmed the full Self-Driving Tesla car available in the market. New generation cars are significantly changing the concept of the traditional car. On many occasions, they adopt ideas that we have already seen in other technologies such as software. For example, specification enhancements through firmware updates. Or, in the case of now, extra features that can be activated by paying a subscription.

It had been rumored for a season and finally it seems that it is going to come true. Tesla will offer its Full Self-Driving service as a monthly subscription for those who want to hire it in their Tesla car.

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving is the feature that activates the (almost) autonomous driving of the car, first introduced in April 2019. At the moment it has not finished deploying and is in the testing phase. Keep in mind that it is not level 5 autonomous driving.

A self-contained Tesla, as long as you pay monthly

Tesla autonomous car

The service can currently be purchased for different countries with different price ranges. For this price Tesla offers the Full Self-Driving in full and forever through a single purchase. Now, it can be a somewhat high price on some occasions, for example for those users who know that they will not have the car for many years or for those who want to try it before making the purchase.

The alternative for them seems to be a subscription. Tesla has not confirmed anything beyond what was said by Elon Musk . According to the company’s co-founder, Full Self-Driving will have a subscription mode “in early 2021”. However, it is not clear at what monthly price, a key factor.

Although the price is not known, it is understandable to think that it will follow the same idea as other subscription services: cheaper in the short term, more expensive in the long term. That is, if we propose that in the long term it is about five years, the subscription would have to have a price that after five years paying it monthly would have been the same as buying it in full. In other words, around 120-150 dollars per month, a subscription to Tesla’s Full Self-Driving should come as no surprise to anyone.

Full self-driving car

It will be interesting to see if this service, being entirely software, will get pirated. Currently there are already Tesla functions that can be activated by pirating the software. In fact, there are even companies that offer the hack to have the improvements at a cheaper price than what it officially costs. Full Self-Driving may be the next to go.

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