Free AI courses by Microsoft and OpenAI

  • If you have gotten lost in the immense world of artificial intelligence, there are very short – and free – courses with which you could increase what you know about AI.
  • Whether you are interested in understanding basic concepts or want to delve into other areas, such as the most technical or the most ethical, these 6 free courses from Microsoft and OpenAI could be of great help to you.

The free AI courses developed by Microsoft and OpenAI are great option to start with for beginners. Artificial intelligence has dominated almost all the news about technological advances, with periodic announcements about new incorporations, improvements in learning systems, purchases of startups, etc.

Both Google and Microsoft have clearly opted for AI to compete in a sector that is very hopeful about the arrival of generative AI. Although with this new challenges also appear for humans.

For example, learn about this technology, not only for correct operation and understanding, but also so as not to be left behind in the labor market.

To do this, Microsoft and OpenAI – in addition to other companies – offer free courses open to all people, mostly those who have a LinkedIn profile, where you can show your badge after completing them.

With syllabi that cover, in a simple way, basic notions about AI or issues related to ethics and regulation, these free courses can be a good way to get up to speed.

These are the 6 free Microsoft and OpenAI courses to update your knowledge about artificial intelligence.

Why you need to know what AI is

If you don’t have general knowledge about artificial intelligence, this is the course you should start with, as it covers very interesting concepts such as basic definitions of AI, machine learning or data analysis.

All of them terms related to a more traditional AI, key to understanding how what are known as neural networks work, a “thinking” process that imitates the human brain.

In this course, the syllabus consists of 10 topics that, if you already know these basic definitions, you could skip without much problem. If you come new to this world, it is an essential course taught by Doug Rose, an expert in Agile and Scrum.

AI for beginners

Free AI courses for beginners artificial intelligence courses
AI for beginners

Although more difficult and complex than the previous one, this Github –Microsoft– course will help you delve into deeper technical issues, not just more general definitions.

In this sense, it can be a good complement to understand how Microsoft Azure, natural language processing or multimodal networks work. In addition, it also reserves a brief approach to ethics in its last block.

Ethics in the age of AI

AI has also brought with it reflections on ethical issues such as the impersonation of human identities, the protection of users or the responsible development of learning models.

This course is perfect for those seeking to gain in-depth knowledge of an area that, increasingly, appears at the center of discussions about AI.

Like the others, it will barely take you an hour to do it through LinkedIn. If you are worried, in turn, that it will be a dense syllabus, the course has been designed so that you do not get bogged down. It’s very pleasant.

Increase your productivity with Copilot

With this course, Microsoft offers the possibility of entering the world of Copilot, its AI tool that covers practically all of its services.

The syllabus consists of different blocks, such as an introduction to approaching Bing Chat, how to use it so that it offers good answers or summaries, in addition to understanding how this AI obtains its results.

It is one of the most interesting, since Copilot is a powerful tool for the company founded by Bill Gates, and the person in charge of directing it is Jess Stratton, a technology consultant.

Generative AI: the evolution of search

It is one of the shortest courses, although one of the most relevant if you are interested in the world of searches in different engines. Here you will know the difference between traditional ones, like Google, and those who “reason”.

In addition, for people who are passionate about the world of web positioning and search engines, the syllabus adds a complete block with recommendations and tips for good positioning.

Essential material for any user looking to stand out among users’ searches on the internet, from the hand of Ashley Kennedy, manager of the LinkedIn Learning educator staff.

Generative AI, a tool at the service of humanity

With this latest course, you will be able to understand AI from a more humanistic approach, as relevant topics such as the future of the labor market or various predictions about the incipient growth of generative AI are discussed.

In addition, it has a section dedicated to the social and business responsibility of the use of generative AI, with an agenda explained by Pinar Seyhan Demirdag, director of AI at Seyhan Lee, artists and expert in generative AI.

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