How to do reverse image searches on Android

We all know how to find images of something in particular, that is, if we want an image of a car, we know where we have to go to take images of that vehicle. But when we have an image and we want to know the origin or locate an equal, would you know how to do it? We tell you how you can achieve it.

Sometimes we have an image on our smartphone that we have saved or that we have taken with the camera and we do not know exactly where it came from. 

If we are curious or need to find information about that snapshot, we can do a reverse search on our Android terminal.

We can carry out this task with our Android terminal itself and with the Google Chrome and Firefox browsers, it being essential that we have the Google application installed on the phone in all three cases.

Reverse the search in an image saved on the mobile

If we have an image saved on the phone, either because we have made it or because we have taken it from a website, we can find information about it thanks to the Google application.

The steps we must follow are extremely simple so that everyone can do them.

Android reverse image search
Google image search
  • We start the Google application on the phone.
  • We will see how right next to the Search field we have the option of Google Lens (a camera icon).
  • Now we can choose between the photos that we already have saved or we can click on Search with the camera and take a photo of what we want more information.
  • If we access the phone gallery for the first time, we will see that it requests a series of permissions, which we must accept.
  • Once we have granted all the permissions requested by the application, we will see the photos that we have saved.
  • Once there, we only have to click on the photo for which you would like to perform a reverse image search.
  • When the photo is opened in a full screen view, we can use the handles around the photo to select the specific area or leave it as is to start searching the Internet.
  • Then we will see how different results appear at the bottom of the screen that we can move to the left to see more.
  • The moment we click on any of the options, a tab will open where we will see how the photo we have selected comes out, being able to click on it and send us to the Google search where said photo appears.
  • This will allow us, once we are in the searches, we will be able to enter the specific web where that photo or one as similar as possible came from. This will allow us to find out what happened to that specific photo as it relates to.

Reverse search for an image with Google Chrome

The same as we have done in the previous case with the gallery or a photo taken by us at that very moment, we can do it with Google Chrome and the images that we find on a website about which we want to know more information about them.

To carry out this action we must follow some extremely simple steps:

Google lens
Google lens
  • The first thing is to go to the web where the photo appears that we want more information about.
  • Then we hold down said image and select Search in Google Lens.
  • At that time we will see the screen again where we can select between several options that appear at the bottom and that can be moved to the left.
  • Once we have selected one, it will move us to a new window where we can click on the news we want to learn more about that photo.

So we can use Google Chrome to find out more about a snapshot that we like and about which we are eager to know as much as we can. 

It is a very easy and very practical way, since sometimes we find photos on the net about which we would love to have as much information as possible.

Reverse search for an image with Mozilla Firefox

We can also use Mozilla Firefox on our Android terminal to get a reverse search of an image, something that is good news for those who use this browser.

As in the previous cases, we will not complicate ourselves much to carry out such action, since the steps to follow are these:

  • The first thing we must do and go to the place where we have seen the photo we want.
  • Now we hold down the image and in the menu that opens, we select Share image.
  • In the menu that appears at the bottom we must click on Google Search image, the icon that appears with a capital G with various colors.
  • This will cause Google Lens to open and you will see several different options. 
  • You must select the one that seems best to you so that at that moment they will take you to a website where you have detailed information about said photo, being able to choose any of the others that come out just by going back.

In this way we will obtain the same information that we have obtained in the previous cases, but using a browser other than Google Chrome, something that many people use, since Firefox is one of the most used in the Android world.

These are the ways we have right now to get reverse image searches on Android.

Three forms that are very similar to each other and that will not allow us to have all the necessary information about an image that we have on our mobile or that we have just seen on a certain website.

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