Edge adding PDF to presentation feature to its browser

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is testing a new option that will make it easier to use Edge for presenting PDF files.

With a simple click, the web browser will automatically fit the content of the PDF to the screen and allow us to scroll through its pages. A practical dynamic for presentations or when we share the screen in a video call.

New option for PDF files in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has many features that make it easy to edit and view PDF files from the browser. For example, we can add text, use different brushes to draw, highlight with markers, take a screenshot, adjust the width of the sheet, among other options.

Or we can enable the “read aloud” feature using different voices and speeds. And a new option will be added soon that will make it easier to submit PDF files. As a user on Reddit shows , Edge is testing a new option for PDFs that allows you to put them in a new full-screen mode.

When we use that option, Edge will automatically fit the PDF to full screen and with the mouse we can scroll through the file. And of course, when we have the PDF in full screen, the page view we have chosen will be respected.

A practical dynamic if we want to make a presentation from the browser, since it will facilitate the visualization of the PDF. The audience will not see the PDF reader toolbar options, nor the rest of the web browser options.

You will not find this new feature that allows full screen mode to view PDF files in the stable version of Edge. At the moment, it is part of one of the features being tested in the Microsoft Edge Canary release.

So we will have to wait for Microsoft to implement this new full screen mode in one of the future updates of the stable version.

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