Download these two games for free today from the Epic Games Store

Thursday arrives and this is the time to remind you of the new free games that we can take today in the Epic Games Store. This week is special, we can get nothing more and nothing less than two games totally free just for being users of the Epic platform.One more week we have the opportunity to take two games totally free to play non-stop on our PC.

These new free content will be available in the Epic Games Store from today,until then we remind you that you can still get the free games of the current week through the following link.

Free games are as follows:

Data Scientist Edition

In the game you are a programmer who accidentally discovers that his cat is extremely good at programming, but fatally speaking the language of humans. As a programmer, you must learn how machine learning works and use visual programming to create a cat-human speech recognition system.

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer (4v1) horror game in which one player plays the role of the ruthless killer and the remaining 4 play as survivors trying to escape from him to avoid being captured and killed.

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