Download Ashampoo Backup Pro 17 as a free full version

Data backups are annoying, but data loss is worse. What helps against this: good backup software. Here you can find a full version of Ashampoo worth around $50 for free, which reliably does this job.

Be honest: How old is your last backup? Does it contain such up-to-date content that you could continue working with your PC without any problems after restoring your backed up files if your computer crashed? Or is your backup data set so many months old that it doesn’t even include your most recent computer projects, such as documents, photos and videos? With Ashampoo Backup Pro 17, there are no more excuses for not making PC file copies: The software has an immense range of functions, but doesn’t overwhelm you with features, as numerous detailed settings can be optionally activated or ignored.

The manufacturer manages to strike a balance between a reliable and comprehensive backup tool that is easy to use and has a reduced interface to the essentials. The provider achieves this through well-designed backup job assistants. It’s best to start a job like this right now or on your next free weekend: download the backup software and have duplicates of your computer data recovered.

What does Ashampoo Backup Pro 17 offer?

With Ashampoo Backup Pro 17, you can back up files manually or automatically. Local and network drives as well as cloud services are suitable targets for duplicates. The provider, based in Germany, has implemented Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Strato HiDrive, 1&1, the MagentaCloud from Deutsche Telekom Mediencenter, ownCloud and the ownCloud successor/fork “nextCloud”. There is also a “WebDAV server” option. Various backup templates stand out, offering to back up all internal drives weekly or to duplicate the contents of the Windows user profile folder “Documents” or “Pictures” daily, for example. The presets promote convenience.

No matter which of the various options you choose, you will then be given a detailed list of the individual parameters, which can be changed depending on the template. These include the backup location, backup format (image backup or simple 1:1 file copies), incremental mode, a schedule, the procedure for missed backups, whether Windows should shut down after them, and compression and encryption. If you do not want to use any of the templates, you can accept the offer to make individual settings: You can back up “entire drives” or “selected data / folders”. Ashampoo Backup Pro 17 lists the advantages and disadvantages of each. With complete drive copies, the entire system can be restored and everything is backed up, but the whole thing requires more storage space and the cloning process often takes longer.

If selected data is included in a backup, the disk space used and the backup duration are reduced. In return, neither programs nor the operating system can be reconstructed and you have to decide what should be included in the duplicate data set.

Encryption, compression and drive error checking

Encryption and compression can be used for both thorough drive backups and pure data backups. You can do without them if you wish. If you value this, you can sometimes set the method by which the features work: For example, ZLib is available for compression, which is medium-compressed and fast. “LZMA Fast”, “LZMA Normal” and “LZMA Max” are alternatives that compress data more effectively, but are slower than their predecessors.

In terms of encryption, Ashampoo Backup Pro 17 offers the variants AES-128, AES-256, Cast-128 and Blowfish. The first AES technology offers “good” security, the second AES option “very good” security; the methods are “fast” and “medium” performant respectively. While Cast-128 offers good security at medium speed, Blowfish offers medium-reliable protection at medium speed.

A practical additional function is checking your drives for file system errors. This feature is easy to overlook: It is hidden in the left task bar and has the “Check and Repair” and “Check Only” modes. The procedure covers all drives. If you only want to include individual storage areas in error checks, you can do so with a mouse click. Ashampoo Backup Pro 17 brings the Windows file “chkdsk.exe” (Check Disk) into the RAM (main memory), which carries out the evaluation.

To restore files, you will need to enter your password if you have activated encryption. Incidentally, the 16th version of the program included new templates compared to Ashampoo Backup Pro 15. The Windows 11 support that the program version brought is still on board in Ashampoo Backup 17. The package also runs under Windows 10.

Deployment Kit for Rescue Stick required and useful extras

To restore bootable operating system backups, you need the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit, similar to some other data backup solutions. The version intended for Windows 10 can also be installed on Windows 11. This is done automatically with just a few clicks, following a wizard.If you reconstruct individual files instead of windows or partitions, the Ashampoo software retains the original file system structures. You determine the target folder for writing the data back to your drive after you have initiated the procedure in the left-hand task bar using the “Restore” option.Ashampoo Backup Pro 17 is practical because it warns you when the storage destination does not have enough capacity to write the information you want to back up. Then you can either free up enough space, back up less content, or use a different target storage device. Automatic pausing during backups to avoid slowing down your work on the PC and email reports on backups complete the PC protection package.

Here’s how to get started: Activate Backup Pro 17 for free

Interested parties download Ashampoo Backup Pro 17 and double-click on the application’s setup file. Before installation, Microsoft has activated the UAC ( User Account Control ) as a protective barrier. Click “Yes” in the UAC warning window that pops up to grant the Ashampoo installer the necessary administrator rights.Then follow the wizard by clicking “Accept & Next”. By clicking on “Request license key” you can get a serial number in the browser, which you will receive after entering your email address. Copy this to the clipboard and paste it into the software setup window using Ctrl-V. Then click on “Activate now” to check the key and then on “Next > Next”. Finally, click on the “Finish” button.

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