Flipper Zero Hacks: Cracking WiFi & Beyond (Is Your Tamagotchi Next?)

Flipper Zero
  • Flipper Zero has among its possibilities to hack a multitude of devices such as hotel cards, sex toys or air conditioners, but can it with WiFi networks?
  • The ethical questioning between the antics of Flipper Zero, “the Tamagotchi of hackers”, its contribution to cybersecurity and the risks it may entail continues.

Much has been said about Flipper Zero, nicknamed the “Tamagotchi for hackers”, but questions still arise about its capabilities (which grow every day). This seemingly harmless little device is actually a multifaceted tool in the field of digital security.

Flipper Zero, more than a simple gadget, allows you to emulate cards, scan hotel cards and the like, it has caused problems in schools, gas stations, cafes and even pirates sex toys. Its compact size hides an arsenal of digital capabilities.

The digital dolphin that evolves as you interact with digital systems is becoming more powerful. (So ​​much so that Apple has already stopped it on its devices ) But not everything is a game in the universe of Flipper Zero. The device has generated an intense debate, raising passions and criticism alike. 

On the one hand, its easy access and versatility make it a coveted tool. On the other hand, this same accessibility worries about the potential facilitation of illicit acts, to the point that Amazon has ceased its sales and several countries have confiscated its shipments. However, there is a recurring question : Can Flipper Zero hack WiFi networks? 

Could Flipper Zero hack a WiFi network?

Yes, it could, although it requires certain modifications. Attacking WiFi networks requires an additional WiFi development board, specific firmware updates, and a deep understanding of how wireless networks work.

Flipper Zero modifications are common, and its large Discord community always proves it with hundreds of projects. In this sense, for example, it can already be used like Game Boy cartridges, loading and saving the game. 

In this sense, different organizations has warned about, beyond the pranks, its ability to manipulate devices to the point of violating privacy. Its possibilities are vast and its contribution to cybersecurity, but so are the risks, especially in devices with Bluetooth.

However, Flipper Zero can open new horizons in the world of cybersecurity. It may not be a direct hacking tool for WiFi networks, but its versatility and potential for learning about digital security are undeniable. The dilemma lies in how this powerful tool is handled, an issue that remains relevant in the debate on ethics and technology.

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