TikTok for iOS is updated to allow you to delete comments from your videos

It is now possible to delete comments on tiktok from your videos. Twitter has always been characterized as a nest of trolls, because it is very easy to hide behind a nickname and begin to criticize, comment, insult without any consequence beyond those that the platform may impose. TikTok is another ideal platform for this type of person.

The problem with TikTok is that the application is aimed at a teenage audience and some comments can have serious consequences for the health of content creators. To avoid this, the platform has included a new tool to combat bullying on this platform.

This new tool allows multiple comments to be deleted together on the videos of content creators and also to inform the platform that these accounts are violating the platform’s rules.

Today we launch a new way for creators to more easily manage interactions with their content. People put their hearts and souls into creating and entertaining on TikTok, and we recognize how daunting it can be to get unkind comments on videos.

Previously, TikTok added a feature that allows the creator to filter which comments they want to appear on their posts. In addition, the platform invites users who want to post a comment, to reconsider their publication if it may be offensive.

This option is fine, but in most cases, these trolls can create new accounts without any problem, so really the problem is not solved but is delayed, but obviously, it will always be better than not establishing any method to try to reduce the harassment suffered by some users.

How to delete comments on TikTok

delete comments on TikTok
delete comments on TikTok

To delete comments from a video, you must press and hold on a comment to display the editing interface or click on the pencil located in the upper left corner to access the options.

Users can delete up to 100 comments altogether instead of going one by one. This feature is now available in Spain, the United Kingdom, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, and Thailand. In the coming weeks this function will reach the rest of the countries.

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