Bloomberg experts predicts Bitcoin to hit $100000 within few months

Specialists maintain that the resistance of 60,000 dollars could end up being overcome sooner rather than later.

Bitcoin has been below $40,000 for a few weeks now, more than enough time for buyers to consolidate into a nice cumulative leg.

Now, with the price of the asset above $40,000, it is proof that no type of announcement from the Federal Reserve or event is going to cause the digital currency to continue devaluing.

However, more and more experts are arguing that Bitcoin could reach $100,000 in the coming months, so buying the digital currency right now would even ensure a return of more than 100% in just a few months.

So experts like those at Bloomberg Intelligence are convinced that Bitcoin will hit the $100,000 target, be it in the medium or long term.

And it is that in their latest report on digital assets in February, they point out that the next key threshold for Bitcoin is $100,000, stating that this currency “ is forming more of a floor than a ceiling right now”.

This means that at the $30,000 barrier where we have been, there have been many buyers who have invested creating resistance, accumulating to later sell, possibly from the $60,000 barrier, which is the next ceiling. that could reach the cryptocurrency in the coming weeks.

They add that “ according to the rules of economics, a market with increasing demand and decreasing supply will rise over time, suggesting that Bitcoin may be forming a new bottom around $30,000 as resistance at $60,000 ages.”.

They note that “short position holders looking to hedge or new long positions waiting for $30,000 to hit may be disappointed.”

In hindsight they say that since the start of 2021 the tactically oriented have had opportunities near the bottom end on several occasions and to sell for double around the top end.

However, based on their charts, they state that “this period of consolidation may be ending, with the path of least resistance pointing to the upside”.

This means that it is still a good time to buy Bitcoin considering that it is quite likely that the resistance of $60,000 will be overcome throughout this year.

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