Black Desert Online will have an improved version on PS5 and Xbox Series

Black Desert Online has captivated every MMORPG fan since its launch on PC back in 2016. A title that has expanded its horizons in such a way that it has attracted new users and, therefore, has decided to look at the new possibilities it offers the next-gen. That is why, after its success on computers and in the previous generation of consoles, it has decided to make the move to PS5 and Xbox Series through a specific and improved version of Black Desert Online for both platforms .

Pearl Abyss, developer of the MMORPG, has announced the arrival of the new generation along with other news related to the next content of the game, specifically, detailing the characteristics of Season + , a new reinforced temporary server that improves the user experience in the game. This episode has listened to the suggestions of players during the last editions of the title and, therefore, has focused on the development of the avatars. In this sense, Season + will stand out especially for its greater ease and speed in leveling up user characters than if they did it on a normal serve.

On the other hand, players will also notice an improvement in terms of equipment and accessories in the game, something that adds to greater rewards for completing main missions. This kind of facilities will be increased with the Growth Pass , which will be available from September 29 and will give the opportunity to level up the characters much more quickly.

In addition, Pearl Abyss wants to celebrate the arrival of Season + with a challenge for the players who enjoy the MMORPG the most. Users who play the free trial version of Black Desert Online and who manage to raise their character to level 50, will be able to stay in the game forever, totally free . However, this challenge can only be done during the game’s trial period, which has been extended to 14 days to facilitate entry for new players. And there is more: those users who reach level 56 and complete the mission ‘Awakening / Reborn’ will participate in a raffle with which they can get one of the 200 Legendary Bundle , with a value of € 180.

Therefore, Pearl Abyss not only prepares for the ecosystem of PS5 and Xbox Series, whose release date has not yet been detailed , but also celebrates the arrival of Season + with new opportunities for players who want to give a try. to this MMORPG. Season + is out now on PC, but will land on PS4 and Xbox One starting October 13 . We already told you that Black Desert Online, in addition to presenting the peculiarities of its genre, has already been playing with a Battle Royale mode , while Pearl Abyss intends to further expand the game through new content that it has already detailed in its sheet route .

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