Bingo:That’s was Cortana’s original name,check out Chrome new look,and more

Among the many projects that the giant Google has been working on for years, its Chrome browser is one of the most important. Much of all this is based on the enormous popularity and use of this program around the world.

On the basis that in general Internet browsers have become fundamental software elements for the majority, Chrome is in the lead. It must be taken into consideration that it is around 70% market penetration, well above its most immediate pursuers.

But despite its enormous success, the search giant has not been trusted and continues to work so that that position at the top of the list continues to be maintained.For this, the firm launches constant updates for its program, which is a reference both to its functional level and to its user interface.

Find out what the new Chrome interface will look like

This is precisely the case in which we find ourselves at the moment. If a few days ago rumors began about the new Chrome user interface, now the first results are already beginning to be seen. With this change, what Google intends is to bring the download interface of its project a little closer to that offered by Microsoft Edge. In this way we are going to find a new control that will allow us to manage this type of task directly from the browser’s task bar.

In addition, it seems that users will not have to wait long for this change, something that a Reddit user who has managed to capture the first changes has wanted to demonstrate. In fact, this is something that some users are already starting to receive through Chrome Canary.

This was the funny name they wanted to give Cortana

In these same lines we also want to talk about the controversial voice assistant that includes the Windows operating system. We refer to the popular Cortana, an element that, despite Microsoft’s efforts, has not had the initially expected success at any time. In fact, it is now becoming known that at first this was not the original name that was intended to be given to the aforementioned assistant.

New Cortana interface
New Cortana interface

This is something that we have now been able to learn thanks to recent statements by the former CEO of the firm, Steve Ballmer. The truth is that it would have been a bit strange or at least funny, since the name that it was originally going to receive was Bingo, Ballmer’s own idea.

Memes with which to give a touch of humor to Windows

On the internet, what are known as memes are the order of the day, something that also reaches the world of technology. Surely on many occasions you have received content of this type related to all kinds of elements, both software and hardware. It is precisely for this reason that below we are going to show you some of these memes that directly affect the most used operating system on desktop PCs, Windows.

The different versions of Windows that have been passed over the last few years have left an important hole in the lives of many users.

One of the biggest complaints Microsoft receives about Windows 10 is due to issues related to its mandatory-install updates.

The truth is that, despite their usefulness and problems, the aforementioned Windows updates give a lot of play.

About the quality and functionality of the different versions of the operating system , there are tastes of all kinds, although most agree.

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