What’s Up With the Funny-Looking Moons in ‘Onward’ movie?

Onward movie

Let me simply mention, the Pixar movie Onward has been fun. It’s your children carry on new confidence narrative, but set into a world with dragons and elves and smartphones–you understand, stuff that is magic such as this.

One of those factors you see often in this Onward movie would be these 2 moons from the sky. They seem cool, however they are also kind of bothering (at least me). This really is my sketch of the 2 moons, in case you have not seen this film:

You’d be amazed just how many people think they know the solution, but don’t. Ask them exactly what causes the varying phases of the moon, and here are some of the frequent (wrong) answers you will hear:

It just so happens we now have a true moon in our sky. Now you should go outside and consider it. You are going to see that its appearance varies over the duration of monthly Should you. Some times it is a big luminous disk and it’s only a sliver. But how come this?
Listed here is the answer: a darkness indeed causes The phases of the moon, but it the shadow of the moon on it self. When the moon is hit by light from sunlight, it illuminates just 1 / 2 of the moon’s surface, like one side is glowing and yet one negative is dark. You can say that the dark side is that way as sunlight is being blocked by the moon. It’s kind of just like the darkness of the moon.
I’m assuming that these are actual moons revealing particular periods –however they’re wrong.
Additionally, I am aware that it isn’t “real,” which means that they will create whatever rules for math they need. But that is certainly not likely to stop me from thinking about physics.

What Leads to the Phases of the Moon?

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