Winston Privacy Filter, the device that simply turns your Internet connection into an impregnable fortress

Winston Privacy Filter is a device lets you remain you safe browsing. We are increasingly concerned about privacy, and software barriers are sometimes not enough. Let’s take a look at one of the hardware solutions.

More and more we have assumed that we are constantly spied on by… well, by everyone. Websites, Internet services, social networks, shops… But that does not mean that we resign ourselves.

There are software applications, such as virtual private networks or VPNs, that anonymize the connection by hiding the IP address and encrypting the data. But they have some limitations, such as that they only work on the device where the software is installed, a computer or a mobile phone. So they do not protect consoles, Smart TVs, Internet of Things devices, etc., unless it is integrated into the router, something that is not usual.

Winston Privacy Filter is a device that is basically like a hardware VPN that works in local mode, but at the same time adds additional functions.

This device connects to the router, and has a hardware equipped with a Marvell Armada processor and 1 GB of memory.

Its task is to process the data that comes from the router and block malware, pop-ups, cookie tracking, abusive ads, browser plugins, and all kinds of tracking.

It also changes the IP address every minute to confuse trackers. As we can see, it is superior to a VPN because it not only anonymizes, but also blocks malware and spyware. And it is also 10 times faster.

Winston Privacy Filter
Winston Privacy Filter

But you have to know that for some of the functions (such as changing the IP) it is necessary to connect to the Winston Privacy security network. 

The company assures that your device is Zero-knowledge, which means that all data is processed locally, and no data is sent outside the device.

As we have mentioned, being an external hardware product connected to the router, it protects all devices connected to said router, whether they are PCs, mobiles, tablets, consoles, televisions, smart speakers, etc.

It has an operating mode called High Compatibility that blocks the most common malware and ads automatically. For more experienced users, an Aggressive mode allows you to block many more things, but you have to install an Internet plug-in that works in a similar way to Ad Blocker.

As espionage and privacy concerns grow, we are going to see more and more devices of this type, either as external hardware or in the router itself, or the computer.

Winston Privacy Filter price

Winston Pivacy Filter is priced at $199 without a subscription, or $99 with an annual subscription. You have more info on their website.

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