Audio dubbing in videos comes to YouTube

Youtube website screengrab

The fact that a platform like YouTube has multiple languages ​​in its interface and videos is very important, since the people who access it every day number in the millions and it is a website known throughout the world. That is why, if the platform wants to appeal to accessibility, the content of its videos must be understood by everyone, regardless of the original language.

For this same reason we can find the function to automatically subtitle any video on YouTube, or at least in videos in which the content creator has enabled this function. However, the platform goes one step further, and for a few months it has been testing a new option in which users can access a version of the video dubbed into another language .

Videos dubbed into any language on YouTube

The function can be found in the player settings when we are watching a video. In case YouTube has allowed the content creator of the video to upload alternative audio tracks, the user will be able to find a menu to select the language in which they want to see the video, and automatically the audio of the video will switch to the selected language.

One of the first content creators who already have this function is MrBeast himself, one of the YouTubers with the most subscribers at the moment. In order to reach a wider audience, the content creator also has alternative channels where you can enjoy all your videos dubbed into other languages, including Spanish. However, this new feature would help the dubbing to also be on his main channel, focusing all the attention on it and making it much easier for his team to manage.

To select a different dubbing in the video, all we have to do is click on the player settings icon and select the ” Audio Tracks ” option if the video has this function. Once we have selected the language, the video will automatically play in the selected language, very similar to when we activate the subtitles.

YouTube has not revealed which channels or how many of them already have this function, although they did state from the beginning that the company started with a small number of channels and that it would soon expand to more creators.

It is important to emphasize that dubbing in videos is not automatically generated as is the case with subtitles, but the content creator is the one who must upload the audio tracks so that users can select them during playback. Channels as successful as MrBeast have a professional team to dub their videos, although there are others that use automatic text-to-speech transcription functions to generate the audio track and upload it to the platform.

As it is a function that depends exclusively on the content creator, it is very likely that we will not see its use extend for a long time, since this requires extra time that many will not be willing to invest.

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