Apple releases second watchOS 7.5 beta for developers

The second watchOS 7.5 beta is now available for developers. A version that arrives within the usual 15-day cycle between versions and that completes the arrival of the second beta that we have seen for iOS 14.6, iPadOS 14.6 and, later, tvOS 14.6.

Second watchOS beta before WWDC

Following the release of the second beta of iOS and iPadOS 14.6 and also of tvOS 14.6, Apple has released the third beta version of watchOS 7.5. We do not expect practically any news , less if we consider that watchOS has always been characterized by having a much more progressive evolution than iOS and iPadOS.

What we do hope is the correction of some small errors and that it improves the general performance of the devices. This is surely the latest version 14. that we will see before the official launch of iOS and iPadOS 15. Some versions that we will see presented at the next WWDC21 and that will be in beta during the summer.

If we want to enter the beta cycle we can do so by following certain steps, but it is necessary to bear in mind that we are talking about development versions that contain errors.

Already within the beta cycle, we will find the update in the Settings app as an OTA update. During the first hours, Apple servers can receive more demand than usual, so the waiting time can be lengthened. In Technoeager we are already updating our devices and we will update the article if news appears.

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