The 4 tricks to recover mobile phone dropped in water

It is sometimes hard to recover mobile phone dropped in water. Good weather invites you to take your mobile to the pool, but what to do if it falls into the water? If it happens, there are a series of tricks to be able to continue using it despite the immersion.

With the beginning of summer, good weather has settled in practically all of world, beginning the swimming pool season and trips to the beach. For a long time, the mobile phone has become one of the devices that can not be missing in the bag to go down to take a dip. However, the danger of accidentally falling into the water is quite high.

Despite the fact that phone manufacturers often launch devices with resistance to water and dust, it must be remembered that even so the first of these elements is still the great enemy of smartphones. Therefore, the best thing to do is to keep your phone away from water, although it can be difficult at times.

For example, it is not uncommon for a person to get into the water without realizing that they still have their mobile phone in their pocket. If for whatever reason the smartphone ends up in the depths of the pool, do not panic, since you can always perform a series of actions to try to recover it so that  it works again.

Off and not charging

When a mobile is dropped into the pool or bath, it must be borne in mind that the sooner it is removed from the water the better, since the longer it spends submerged, the more water will penetrate the device. Therefore, the consequences can be worse.

Turn off the mobile phone
Turn off the phone

One of the first reactions you have when you drop your mobile into water is to try to turn it on. However, the latter is something that should never be done, and the reason is simple: it can cause short circuits that make repairing it even more complicated. 

Similarly, in the event that the mobile phone has been dropped into the water on, it is important to turn it off quickly  to avoid short circuits. For this you must use the dedicated buttons. Nor do you have to put it to charge, since this can even damage the charging cable itself.

Once several days have passed in the drying process, this is when you should try turning it on to see if the smartphone still works. If it has, it can be used normally again. Of course, in the case of detecting a short circuit or strange noises, it is important to turn it off quickly and take it to technical service, however, it is important to note that in this case the warranty will not cover water damage. 

Extract the components

Once the mobile phone is out of the water and turned off, the next step to try to make the damage as little as possible, and try to keep it working, is to remove all the components that can be

Mobile phone components
Mobile phone components

For example, if you can, you must remove the case, the battery – although there are currently few models that have a removable one -, and the tray for the SIM and microSD cards. Each of these components will be dried better separately, always with towels and not with a hair dryer.

In addition, when all the components are removed it is also facilitating the water to leave the terminal. Therefore, taking this action is more important than it may seem. 

Dry, no heat

At this point, one of the most important phases begins: it has to be dried. Before doing this, one important thing must be taken into account, you should not use heat, such as a hair dryer or place the device in the sun. 

To dry the mobile you should use a towel and absorbent paper, both on the sides and on the screen and in its back area. In the case of ports and other holes, you can blow gently and carefully until you are able to remove any drops of water that may be inside.

Beyond rice

A good idea to try to recover your mobile phone is to enter it in a series of items. Rice is perhaps the best known, it works, but it is not the most effective. You simply have to put the smartphone in rice for at least 48 hours, since this absorbs the rest of the liquid that remains inside the terminal.


However, you can also immerse your mobile in cat litter, oatmeal flakes or in a bowl with silica bags, the classic bags that accompany various products to avoid humidity. Keep in mind that, regardless of the method used, the phone will have to remain in this substance for two days.

Another option that can be used is a dehumidifier as a support to try to extract the moisture from the mobile. After 48 hours, it is time to check if there is still liquid in the smartphone, especially in the openings.

In any case, in summer it is best to use your mobile phone in the water with the appropriate protections. There are covers that prevent the mobile from getting water. And it is that although the vast majority of them (especially the high ranges) are certified to be submerged in fresh water, any blow they have received may have made them lose their insulating capacity and the water can seep into the phone. 

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