Abandoned finally launches its experience in real time,but gamers are not happy with it

Abandoned teaser was making gamers unhappy.The mystery is here to stay. After several days of late, finally Blue Box Game Studios has fixed the problems with real – time experience for PS5 of Abandoned . The problem? Only a few seconds teaser is available which, to the greater anger of the players, contributes little to what has already been shown.

Only 10 seconds are strictly shared of the game, of which half could be seen a few days ago on Twitter advancing this premiere. Thus, we have an individual walking on a natural wooden parquet with darkness as a flag. Any more details? None, beyond the musical accompaniment .

The night was looking quite optimistic for those interested in the exclusive development of PS5. A few hours ago the development team deleted the latest messages on Twitter and updated its website warning of the imminent landing of the experience. And so it was, a few minutes ago users were able to download a patch of five gigabytes of extension where, at the moment, only this teaser is available.

In the application, of course, there is notice of the landing of five more videos on dates yet to be determined: a cinematic announcement trailer, a second trailer, the launch trailer and two gameplay demos. Possibly, or not, these videos shed some more light for a video game that should hit stores in the fall.

Since the first teaser presentation , Blue Box Game Studios have in one way or another aroused the misgivings of users who wanted to see Hideo Kojima’s return to the Silent Hill series in Abandoned . This relationship has been repeatedly denied without much success to reach this playable experience, delayed in June by technical problems that were re-lived this week.

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