Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires shows off their action and strategy in extensive PS5 gameplay

The Dynasty Warriors series is already a veteran in the industry and pretty much defined the pillars of a genre. Set in the last period of the Han Dynasty until the unification of China, it has been characterized by putting us in the shoes of the famous generals that Luo Guanzhong recounted in the 14th century in his Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Native 4K resolution and 60fps performance modeLast March, KOEI Tecmo announced the delay of Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires due to the global health crisis, with no more news to date, the people of Omega Force have presented a new generation gameplay at ChinaJoy 2021. The demo shows us more than ten minutes of gameplay with which to delight us with this new installment.

The website where it has been shared has an interview with its producer Akihiro Suzuki in which he guaranteed that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions have native 4K resolution and a 60fps performance mode, in addition to faster loading times.

The Dynasty Warriors Empires series continues to retain its signature fighting style, but seeks to give greater weight to the strategic relationships that will serve to define the future of China. With a greater balance between action and strategy, Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires, returns to the traditional zone system of the franchise, unlike the open world proposal that started with the last installment of the main saga.

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