5 best apps for children to learn programming

Google shared a series of best apps for children and adolescents to learn programming.

Interactive games, puzzles, challenges, and tons of resources to get you started on programming in a fun way.


ScratchJr is a language for introducing children ages 5 to 7 to programming. Using the blocks, children can create their own stories and games.

In addition, they have a series of tools for them to develop other skills and let their imagination fly with the characters they create. For example, they have colors, sounds, the ability to add images or their own voices.

Tynker Junior

Tynker Junior is also intended for children from 5 to 7 years old. It has over 200 coding challenges, puzzles, and adventures with different characters. For example, children will be asked to help endangered animals cross a jungle, give life to robots, recover a treasure, among other slogans.

This application has many resources, although keep in mind that you will have a free trial period, but then you will have to pay a subscription.


The Codecademy app is a proposal for teenagers and young people who have some experience in coding, and who want to learn Python, CSS and JavaScript, among others.

best apps for children to learn
Apps for children to learn programming

It has a simple and practical dynamic that allows you to apply the knowledge learned in real life examples. 


On the other hand, Replit is ideal for both beginners and those who have been programming for years. Its online platform supports Python, Java, Javascript + HTML / CSS and C / C ++, among other languages.


Grasshopper is a Google app that has a series of lessons to learn JavaScript from your mobile. To do this, there are different levels that students must pass as they assimilate the concepts taught by the app.

In addition to its mobile apps, Grasshopper works as a web application, so you can follow your learning from the browser.

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