Xbox is developing more story-driven XS games than ever in history

Xbox has always been very close to multiplayer games and online services. In the Xbox One generation, their emphasis on online products and exclusive games as a service is obvious, and games like “Sea of ​​Thieves” have been successful.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series continue to develop and expand their user base. Concepts such as content seasons have penetrated into legends such as Forza or Gears, but this does not mean that Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will only focus on these products. This is guaranteed by Phill spencher

Ceo of Xbox Phill spencher
Phill spencher

We’re creating more of those than ever before in WeXbox history”

phill spencher

In a new interview with The Guardian, the Xbox CEO made it clear that his platform leaves room for traditional narrative games: I think we may have made more [games] in our Xbox history than ever before.More traditional products coexist with these games as a service to expand the catalog.” Platform owners, whether they are subscriptions, hardware stores or businesses, are actively investing in new and riskier products, because if they work, we will Use these benefits to attract more players to join the ecosystem.

We don’t mandate that everyone has to be games as a service”

Matt Bootie

This is what Matt Bootie, director of Xbox Game Studios, said, he assured that Microsoft will not force studios to provide games as a service: “We will not explain how to keep all games active and evolving.” game. “The lifespan of “Sea of ​​Thieves” is very long. We will launch the Halo multiplayer game every season, but we did not ask our Montreal studio Compulsion Games to do something about the season or the season.

6 DLC or something like that. “Tell me why it is important to publish this story,” Butty added, as another example, “but you are not obliged to understand how the season is achieved in this game. “You see, on Xbox, they have nothing to do with games in traditional formats, as evidenced by the development of Hellblade 2 and Avowed.

Suggestions necessary to change the service catalog, such as Xbox Game Pass, which is currently 1 The dollar price is the first month of its launch and has attracted gamers to join its ecosystem. Last week we heard that Xbox is looking to buy more studios and hopes to diversify its catalog offer.

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