The 2016 GTX 1050 Ti is making a comeback since Getting a next-gen graphics is so difficult

We have been denouncing the situation in the graphics card segment for months: we have the best GPUs in history, but it is practically impossible to get hold of them without paying a high extra cost because apparently almost all of them end up falling into the hands of resellers or cryptocurrency miners..

Things are so bad that there are those who have “refloated” old graphics – even Nvidia considers it – to try to alleviate the problem a bit. In Japan, an online store has once again sold the same GTX 1050 Ti that were launched in 2016, and it has also done so at a higher price than the one it had when it was launched… and that is still not bad.

Welcome to the great reserve graphics

The card being sold is specifically a model of the GTX 1050 Ti manufactured by Palit, the GF-GTX1050Ti-E4GB / SF / P2. When it appeared at the end of 2016 it was sold at a price of about $140, but now it is sold even more expensive. We have a list of 50 most powerful graphics card that you can check.

GTX 1050 Ti graphics card

In fact, the Japanese store that has put it up for sale, Kuroutoshikou, has put a price tag of 22,800 yen, which is about 200 dollars (or about 175 euros) in exchange.

If the fact that a graph from five years ago costs more now than it did then, wait, things don’t end there. The price of that GTX 1050 Ti is actually a bargain, because if we take a tour of online stores in Spain, for example, the GTX 1050 Ti from well-known manufacturers that are available cost 270 euros or more. There are, yes, versions of unknown manufacturers for prices around 70 euros.

The performance that can be accessed with these cards is modest and is evident in current or previous generation models, but the situation is what it is: the law of supply and demand has been merciless with users, who They find a scenario in which these old graphics are a possible solution if we are not too demanding.

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