Mozilla VPN Releases Two New Features to Customize Browsing Security

Mozilla has launched two new functions to offer its users an additional layer of protection within the Mozilla VPN service introduced last July 2020 in some countries around the world. We have covered best free VPN that you can use in this article.

In addition to having anticipated that this security feature will spread to more places very soon, there have also been new features that help to better customize how to use these additional layers of security, according to the preferences and needs of each one. The novelties presented to your virtual private network service are these:

Activate only VPN on unprotected pages

On the one hand, for those who prefer to keep the Mozilla VPN service deactivated, they have a function that will make it easier for them to activate it manually only when necessary. Specifically, the software will send a notification every time you connect to a network that is not password protected or has weak encryption.

Just by clicking on the notification you can activate Mozilla’s VPN service, and the Firefox browser software will offer you an additional layer of protection that ensures that all conversations you have on that page are encrypted over the network, according to the developers.

This feature is available on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms.

Keep devices on your home network connected with VPN enabled

Mozilla VPN
Mozilla VPN

On the other hand, the second novelty announced is intended for those who want to keep all their home devices connected without giving up this additional protection layer in Firefox. For that, a Local Area Network Access has been added that allows your home devices to communicate with each other without having to disable your VPN.

You just have to make sure the box is checked in Network Settings when you are on your home network. This feature is available on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android platforms.

Mozilla VPN is coming to more countries this year

In July 2020, ten months after Mozilla presented its virtual private network in tests, the former Firefox Private Network and later renamed Mozilla VPN was launched in beta for the United States and five other markets: Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia.

The VPN from the makers of Firefox arrived for Windows, Android, and iOS. This service was launched at a cost of US $4.99 per month and with the aim of promoting more private and secure browsing, with certain more advanced features.

In its announcement today, the company explained that it is planning to expand its VPN to more countries in the spring (that is, in the coming weeks). It remains to know what the destinations will be and if Europe and Asia are in the company’s objective.

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