YouTube SupEx, a new option between YouTube Kids and normal YouTube

YouTube has realized that there are thousands of tweens and teens for whom YouTube Kids is too small and normal YouTube is still not suitable for them. Now the company has launched the perfect tool to accommodate thousands of children around the world.

YouTube SupEx is a new experience that comes to meet the demand of parents with teens and tweens who are halfway between the Kids version and the normal version of YouTube.

Parents have a hard time letting young people go online free and that’s because they can find literally anything on YouTube. That content that they view, if it is not suitable for their age, can cause certain disorders in adolescents and preadolescents, even adopting tastes and customs that are not healthy for them.

Despite the fact that these young people have grown up surrounded by the Internet, that is no excuse for not protecting them properly. YouTube indicates that it has been working on this new tool for parents of teens and tweens for a year.

YouTube SupEx

YouTube Kids arrived in 2015, and since then it is an option that you can adjust to the needs of your child, since it has parental control to prevent the child from accessing content that you do not want them to see.

YouTube SupEx will take time to arrive and will land in beta first, but the important thing is that the parenting tool exists. This will work through the supervised Google Accounts. The idea is that parents value YouTube SupEx and with those comments, the company will improve the service.

YouTube has wanted to grease the machinery by promising exclusive content and limited functions. In YouTube SupEx there will be 3 different settings that parents will have to select as their children reach certain levels of maturity:

  • Explore: for users over 9 years old. Here there will be educational content, vlogs, tutorials, video games (non-violent), music and more.
  • Explore more: for ages 13 and up. What will here will be live broadcasts, apart from the content mentioned above.
  • Most YouTube content: for that age group before turning 18. In this section will be practically all the videos of the platform except those that have age restrictions. Machine learning will be mixed with manual supervision.

In this new YouTube option there will be no ads for politics, dating, illegal products, sex, violence, weight loss, gambling, makeup, etc., and no personalized ads. It is a healthy and supervised territory exclusively for teens and tweens.

There is no date chosen to indicate the arrival of YouTube SupEx, even so, it will be a reduced beta first and then they will probably make an official presentation. Today they just wanted to announce that soon there will be a new YouTube focused on a very specific audience.

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