Xbox recommends anticipating Christmas: download games before gifting an Xbox Series

The scarcity of resources ( which could last until 2023 ) has made it difficult to find next-generation consoles. However, it is very likely that Santa Claus is already wrapping several Xbox Series for all the players who have been well behaved, and Xbox wants to help the quintessential gift dealer with directions for those who are thinking of putting an Xbox Series under the Christmas tree.

As Larry Hryb, director of programming for the Xbox Live network, explains, we can advance the entire process of downloading and installing games ourselves: “If you are giving a console to someone during the Holidays, take it out of the box, download and install updates for them, so they can play even faster. ” In addition, Hryb accompanies this recommendation with a link that accompanies the player throughout this process.

Although Xbox has not specified anything around this idea, the council is likely to prevent servers from being saturated at Christmas. After all, Nintendo experienced this situation last year, and that is why it has already issued similar recommendations so that the fewest number of players coincide when creating a Nintendo account, which causes problems on the network.

Despite everything, the excitement is already in the air, and that is why the companies are sending useful tips for Christmas and congratulations to all the players. Xbox joins all this with a celebration of the 20th anniversary that does not end, so this morning he left us a most nostalgic video with which he thanked the community for the love over the years.

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