Xbox console CMOS battery has design hazards, Microsoft: push updates to fix

In an interview recently, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox’s department, admitted that the CMOS battery of the Xbox console has a “fatal” design hazard for gamers, and said that the team has begun repair work.  

The CMOS battery is an important component of the game console. The main function of this battery is to ensure the normal operation of the internal clock of the console to ensure that the game can be verified normally after the console leaves the network environment and records the player’s play time, achievement unlock time, etc related Information.

The hidden design hazards that appeared this time also appeared in the function of the CMOS battery verification game.  

Under normal circumstances, the verification game is performed by the host server, but if the host server shuts down or cannot connect to the network one day in the future, and the CMOS battery runs out of power, its verification function will fail, causing the game to fail verification and normal run.  

For a game console, such hidden dangers are tantamount to a “fatal blow. It is reported that the PS console has discovered this hidden danger before and solved this problem by pushing a patch. Now whether there is an available CMOS battery, it will not affect the PS console’s verification of the game.

I believe that the Xbox console will also pass similar way to solve hidden dangers.  However, on the PS console, the games presented by PS Plus members require time verification and still need a CMOS battery or network environment to start. Xbox consoles are likely to encounter similar situations in XGP related games.

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