Windows 11 Microsoft Store big evolution: new UI & performance improvement

Windows 11 will update a large number of system components, and the Microsoft Store is also included. Now, there is more news about the update of the Microsoft Store in Windows11. According to a report from Windows Lastest, the Microsoft Store in Windows11 will focus on updating the UI, software library, and performance, and the overall experience of navigation interaction between different pages will also be improved.

Microsoft is currently pushing the 22107.1401.6.0 version of the Microsoft Store to Insider test users, but this version is still not the final version and has not changed much. According to Microsoft, the new version of Microsoft Store for Windows11 will improve the installation interface UI, enable a new UI for ratings and reviews, and introduce better multimedia displays for the App. Some users have also noticed small improvements in the software library, and Microsoft said it will announce more changes later this year.

Windows 11

As shown in the screenshot above, Microsoft has redesigned the app’s rating and comment dialog UI. It is reported that this new dialog style was designed by Microsoft intern Vatsal, and the existing shop dialogs were migrated from WebView to local using C# & XAML. Of course, the rating and comment dialogs comply with Microsoft’s WinUI guidelines.  

In addition to UI and performance improvements, the Microsoft Store has also updated a new transition animation in the latest update.  

In addition to external improvements, the Windows11 Microsoft Store is also different in content. Unlike the Windows 10 app store, the Windows 11 app store will support applications built on several different platforms, and will not be limited to UWP. Unpackaged Windows32 desktop applications can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft Store, but parts of these programs can only be updated through external channels.

Window 11

Microsoft officially confirmed that there will be two different Windows32 programs in the store, including packaged and unpackaged ones. Among them, Windows32 programs that have been packaged can receive updates directly from the store, such as Spotify and Affinity editor.

However, unpackaged Windows32 programs are only available in the Windows11 store and will be hosted and updated by developers.  Microsoft said that this is a technical problem. In fact, the most important thing is not who will provide the update, but that the user can receive the update.  

For packaged Windows32 applications installed by users, if the developer releases an update, it will be directly obtained through the Microsoft Store. At the same time, users can also configure the store to automatically update all applications on your computer. 

For the forthcoming unpackaged Win32 program, the update process is not like this. If you want to update these unpackaged Win32 programs, users need to rely on the in-app update mechanism maintained separately by the developer, or they can download the update from the developer’s website.  

Currently, these changes are unique to Windows11, but Microsoft has confirmed that this new store experience will also be provided to Windows10.

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