Telegram voice chat is already Clubhouse rival: voice chats with groups without limit

Telegram voice chat is already a feature of the app that is now available for mass audience. Clubhouse has caused a stir on social networks, to the point that apps like Instagram are already working on their own alternative. Twitter, for its part, is rolling out Spaces and now it’s up to Telegram, which launched voice chats for groups in December and now takes them to mass channels.

As explained from Telegram, from today the voice channels will be available in public channels and groups and there will be no limit on the number of participants. The app update also includes recordable voice chats, enriched participant lists, participation mechanics and more news.

Telegram already has massive voice chats

From today, voice chats will be available on public channels and groups. To start them, simply open the profile of any group or channel of which we are the administrator, click on the three dots and select “Start voice chat”. It will automatically start and the users of that group or channel will be able to enter.

Administrators will be able to create invitation links for listeners and speakers, add titles to the talks, modify the permissions of the attendees (so that they can speak or not) and even record the session. When finished, the session will be exported as an audio message that will be saved in “Saved Messages”.


During the session, participants will be able to raise their hands to request the floor and users will have the option to join with their personal account or appear as one of their channels. This is intended to prevent a public figure from exposing your personal account. For example, Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, could join with his Telegram account (and expose himself to people sending him private messages) or with his Telegram channel.

The new massive voice chats should begin to be available throughout today, so you will have to be aware of Google Play and the App Store to update the application. Other apps that are already betting on this format are Twitter (with Spaces), Clubhouse (which for now is only on iOS and Android) and Stereo.

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