These are the Windows 10 features that will be lost with Windows 11

With Windows 11, Microsoft has decided to remove or replace some of the functions of Windows 10. Among them, the tablet mode or Internet Explorer.

Some of the Windows 10 features will be permanently unavailable in Windows 11. Windows 11 now comes with interesting news, such as the redesigned interface, the improvements in the application store or the new pre-installed apps. However, the company has also said goodbye to some Windows 10 features. The Windows Club portal has shared the features that will be discontinued or limited in the next major update.

Internet Explorer will be disabled with Windows 11. Those users who need to access the classic browser can do so through IE mode, from Microsoft Edge. Microsoft’s browser will not be the only application that is disabled. Apps like Skype, OneNote, Paint 3D or 3D Viwier will no longer be installed by default. They will be available for download in the Microsoft Store.

Windows 11 will be less intensive with Cortana, Microsoft’s assistant. The new version of the operating system will not display the initial setup of the wizard. The future update also leaves behind Windows Timeline, a feature that allows you to view a history of activity, such as recently opened apps. Timeline will continue to display in Microsoft Edge to preview recently visited websites.

The redesign of Windows 11 will leave behind some start menu functions. It will not be possible to create folders or application groups with custom names. Windows 11 will also not allow you to adjust the size of the icons manually, as it does in Windows 10. Furthermore, the taskbar will no longer be able to move its location and will only be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Windows 10 features being replaced by others in Windows 11

Windows 10 features
Windows 10

Microsoft will also replace some functions of Windows 10Tablet mode is no longer available in Windows 11. However, the new version will be able to adapt the interface when it detects, for example, that a convertible laptop no longer has its keyboard attached.

The Snip & Sketch app will take center stage in Windows 11 and will replace the classic Windows 10 cropping function. The new tool for taking screenshots includes a more intuitive aesthetic and more options for cropping or editing images.

Finally, Microsoft will no longer display the Windows 1math input panel. Instead, it will allow the user to choose whether to install Math Recognizer. This application will also include math input recognition and control.

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