Clear your doubt about WhatsApp privacy policy

WhatsApp privacy policy again on app. After the controversy that arose last January when trying to update the WhatsApp privacy policy, the change will apply again this next March 15. Of course, clarifying better what is going to change and how it is going to be done. As we saw at the time, it does not affect users in the European Union due to the GDPR data protection regulations.

The idea that WhatsApp data is shared with Facebook and the rest of its services is something that users did not like. It caused many to migrate to other apps and Telegram together with Signal were the great beneficiaries. Finally WhatsApp decided to postpone the entry into force of the new conditions.

Now the time has come, and WhatsApp has a new plan to explain the changes to its privacy policy. Although the entry into force of the new privacy policy will come sooner or later, it will do so in a way in which the user can be more aware of the changes.

Clearing doubts about WhatsApp privacy policy from the app itself

For Facebook, the big problem with this update is that users have not been able to clearly know what the real change is taking place. The not clearly convey that information remains private conversations is what has caused many users choose to go to other platforms. Other platforms that are often even less secure than WhatsApp by not having end-to-end encryption, as is the case for example with Telegram.

Essentially, what changes with the new privacy policy is that the messages where the user interacts with companies will share data with those companies for commercial purposes. Facebook seeks to implement direct sales for companies as well as payments in WhatsApp. For this you will have to share data with these companies and this is what changes with the new privacy policy. However, messages with other users will remain private and no one will be able to access them.

New whatsapp privacy policy

To explain this, WhatsApp will start showing users a banner at the top of the conversation list. This banner will allow access to the web where the changes in the privacy policy are explained in a concise way. Previously they have also shown a status with stories where they explained that WhatsApp is still private as before. We will have to see how users receive the change in this new attempt.

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