What to do if the tablet screen does not work

Tablet screen does not work
Tablet Screen

If the screen of the tablet does not work, there are a series of solutions to try so that it will respond again and be able to use the tablet.

There are times when the screen of a tablet does not respond , which is undoubtedly one of the biggest problems we face when using one. It may be an area of ​​the screen that does not work, when we press or make a certain gesture, but in more serious cases, which many users in different country know, the panel in its entirety does not work, as it can happen on an Android mobile.

What can we do when the tablet screen does not work or does not respond? There are a number of possible solutions, which in most cases put an end to this problem, so that the panel works again . It is a problem that many users with Android tablets have faced, so it is possible that these solutions are familiar to you.

Restart the tablet

A simple solution, which we use regularly when there are problems with our Android mobile and that we can also use with the tablet. It may be that the tablet screen does not work is something temporary, some failure in the system processes. Therefore, restarting the device is a method that in many cases puts an end to this problem, so that the panel works again.

You will only have to press and hold on the off button of the same and wait for the Restart option to appear on the screen. We click on it and wait for it to restart. It is possible that when it turns on again we can use the panel or that area where there were problems, normally.

Use apps to detect problems

One aspect that we are interested in knowing is if it is the entire screen or if it is a specific area of ​​the panel that is not responding. When faced with this doubt, it is best to resort to applications that will analyze the screen of the tablet , to see what type of failure there is in it and in this way to be able to determine if the touchscreen works well, if it is an area of ​​the screen or if it is the entire panel that has problems.

We can use applications such as Display Tester, which allow us to analyze the panel and its status , to detect possible failures in it. They are very useful tools, because they will indicate the exact place where the problem is found, so it will be easier to apply a solution to this type of situation.

Another good option is Touchscreen repair , which helps us see the latency of the screen and the response to touches, so we can know if there are operating problems and locate them in said panel. So it is another comfortable method to detect this type of problem in it.

Calibrate the tablet screen

A solution that usually puts an end to these types of problems is usually to calibrate the screen of the tablet. In the case of tablets with Android as the operating system, we have to resort to applications. As we have done with the applications to detect failures in said panel, we are going to use applications to be able to calibrate said screen and thus make it work normally again.

Touchscreen Calibration, as its name suggests, is an application that is intended to calibrate the screen of the tablet. It will help you detect areas on the panel where there is no response, in order to solve these errors later and make the screen work normally again.


If nothing has worked, repairing said tablet is always an option to consider . Especially in those cases in which the tablet is still within the warranty, so you would not have to pay anything for said repair or replacement of the screen, as long as the origin of the problem is not due to a blow or caused by the user .

You can go to the store where you bought it, if it is an official store of the brand or a well-known store. You can also contact the brand itself and send it to their repair center. This process will depend on each brand, but it is not usually something problematic.

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