Warframe confirms that it will have crossplay, crosssave and a version for mobile devices

During these days TennoCon 2021 has taken place, the annual event focused on telling the world all the news that will come to Warframe, one of the fashionable multiplayer and that has been active for many years precisely because of the evolution it has had since its launch, thanks to what has formed a faithful community that goes out of its way for adventure.


Currently, there is no date for the next Warframe news

Those responsible for this successful free-to-play have brought some of the aspects that will help the game continue to grow. For example, with its arrival on mobile devices so that more people can join in this futuristic action proposal. Of course, at the moment they have not given details, dates or platforms. The logical thing is that it reaches both iOS and Android, but the only thing they have said is that it will reach that platform, without more information at the moment.

But that is not the only novelty that they have confirmed for Warframe, since they will also include one of the most anticipated additions, such as the implementation of cross-play and cross-save, to have the community even more united and that everyone can play together, regardless of the platform they play the game on. The next mobile version will also benefit from this addition. At the moment, there is no date to know when it will be available.

In addition, from Digital Extremes they have brought news of The New War, the next expansion of the game that will add a new open world with environments to explore and a new story for a player that will have the particularity of being able to be lived from the perspective of different characters.

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